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Coach Zahn’s Michigan Sports Academy Enduring Velocity Program – New Dates Coming Soon!

Two 2 week sessions to choose from:

Session 1.
Session 2.

Because of the intensity of this program it has become necessary to place prerequisites on participation.  The purpose of this program is to help each pitcher understand where velocity comes from and to help him achieve good rhythm throughout his delivery resulting in enduring velocity.


  • Must be throwing from Major League Distance (60ft 6in)
  • Throwing arm must be in shape.
  • Must be authorized by Coach Zahn

Consists of:

  • Velocity 1 = 5 sessions 2- 2 ½ hours each
  • Velocity 2 = 6 sessions 2- 2 ½ hours each
  • Bullpens using under and over weighted baseballs.
  • Warm up exercises that incorporate safe mechanics.
  • Conditioning for speed and arm stability.
  • Individual attention to safe mechanics and rhythm.

Cost of $250.00 for Velocity 1 and $300.00 for Velocity 2

“I have put this program together after reviewing research by doctors such as Dr. Andrews and Dr. Jobe. I have tried to make this program as safe as possible with the possibility of increasing velocity.” If possible I will add a third Velocity only program besides the combination Velocity and Total pitching.

— Coach Zahn


Enroll by e-mailing Coach Zahn at [email protected] or through MSA